Student Evaluations:

English 1A: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Night Vale

[Ms. Butler] created an interesting, non-typical setting for an English class, and made learning intro composition easier and more enjoyable to take part in. Using uncommon tools such as podcasts and social media allowed for interacting and learning in ways that I had not seen before, and I think that is excellent. Ms. Butler definitely created a creative and enriching learning environment.

[...] I enjoyed the untraditional format of the class. Ms. Butler was so great and always knew how to involve students and keep us interested. Her organization was great. The powerpoints she used in class kept us organized and on track. I like how she planned out our homework in units and how I always knew what was due. The schedule helped me to stay organized. Every text used in class was helpful and informational. While the material was challenging, I learned very much from the class and improved in writing. The class themes could be found in each work. I never felt like I was wasting time on any class or homework assignments. Ms. Butler's class is very accessible because of her updates on iLearn and Tumblr. I hope to be able to be her student again.

I really enjoyed this class. This has been one of the best English classes I have ever taken. I have never taken a class like this. We got to interact on Tumblr as a class and it was actually very fun and helpful. We learned things visually and audibly through a podcast we listened to throughout the entirety of the class. At first, I thought it was strange, but as I listened to it more, I started to enjoy it. I was also surprised that I liked the book we read. It was called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and it was sci fi. I usually do not like sci fi so I was surprised myself when I actually found I enjoyed this book. Overall, the class was a nice and refreshingly new experience. Ms. Butler was very nice and approachable from day 1 and I had no trouble talking ot her inside of class or emailing her outside of class. This has been one of my favorite English classes and I will go away with the many skills I learned to improve my writing. I learned my strengths and weaknesses in this class and how to improve my papers.

I really enjoyed this class, by far one of my favorite teachers. I was always interested in coming to class and participating in discussions. I really loved reading the book and listening to the podcasts.